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About Scoutoo™  BestRoute

Imagine you have many places to go and things to do in a short amount of time—for work or for play. Where do you start? Do you suffer car or altitude sickness? Discover how Scoutoo BestRoute can help you!

Key Features

  • Design your trip itinerary with our patented set of algorithms that generate the most convenient and efficient route based on your start and end points and mode of travel—whether that be on foot, on a bicycle, in a car or taxi, or through public transportation;
  • Don’t miss a thing – Scoutoo BR pulls the hours of operation for the places you want to help prioritise the route, so you don’t arrive at an important stop only to find it closed;
  • Get alarms about possible car sickness – Using our unique feature that calculates the windingness and altitude of the roads, creating alerts for potential car-sickness;
  • Read useful information – about your bookmarked locations, such as full address, type of venue, phone number, website address, location altitude, detailed geo-location coordinates, Wikipedia snippets and links, and more;
  • Use the app offline  and access the retrieved information, such as the route and location map, when you are traveling in rural areas not covered by wireless internet connection;
  • Use this app brought from a company that respects your privacy and will never sell or store your personal information;
  • Learn how to use the app in the most efficient way watching the Scoutoo BestRoute user guide video tutorials (only accessible via app).

Additional Information

Scoutoo BestRoute (BR) helps you schedule your day by mapping out the locations, and prioritising the sequences of the stops based on your start and end locations and other key factors. It is able to seamlessly pulls key information, such as the hours of operation for each stop, and considers your mode of travel to create the best route.

A key feature of this app is our patented technology that calculates the speed, windingness of the roads and elevations to help predict and prevent potential car-sickness, and pushes critical alerts to warn of potential issues regarding the routes.

Scoutoo BR also helps you get the most out of your trip by providing useful information on the places you’d like to visit. As you select your points of interest, you can easily click in to the locations to get more information, such as features of the particular venue, such as a shop, museum or restaurant, and opening hours.

Once your trip is planned, you can use Scoutoo BR offline—a key feature for those traveling in areas without cellular reach, or for international travelers without wi-fi connection.

Scoutoo BR is designed for:

  • Individuals – a busy parent trying to organise a day of errands, or a traveler looking to make the most of their day in a particular city or region.
  • Industries – tour operators, tour leaders/guides, tour bus drivers, as well as delivery and logistics agents eager to organise an efficient route.

Feel free to contact us at for any questions about Scoutoo™  BestRoute.