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Welcome to the Scoutoo™  SmartEye! – an Artificial Intelligence-enabled app, with strong visual recognition capabilities, that allows you to recognise animals, plants, vehicles, paintings, iconic locations and more from your photos.

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About Scoutoo™ SmartEye

Ever see an adorable puppy and wonder what breed it is? Or as you hike through a scenic path, wish you had a botanist along to identify the plants and flowers you see along your way? Scoutoo SmartEye is a powerful artificial intelligence-enabled app made for you!

Key Features

  • Recognise species of animals and plants, types of vehicles, iconic landmarks, works of art and more from photos taken by your phone camera, images in your photo gallery collection or downloaded directly from the internet;
  • Quickly access more information using the links provided in the results;
  • Hear the pronunciation or translate your findings in five languages;
  • Save, collect and organise your findings into interactive lists and pin-point on a map where you found them;
  • Use this app brought to you from a company that respects your privacy and will never sell or store your personal information;
  • Learn how to use this app in the most efficient way reading the online user guide (only accessible via app) to help you start.

Additional Information

If you’ve got a curious mind, Scoutoo SmartEye is for you!

Scoutoo SmartEye is a powerful artificial intelligence-enabled app with strong visual recognition capabilities that allows you to quickly and easily recognise both animate and inanimate objects, iconic locations and more.

Whether you’re hiking through a national park or strolling through town, Scoutoo SmartEye helps you learn about the different flora and fauna you find along the way. The app recognises and accurately records the different types of animals and plants using artificial intelligence.

Bird watchers and animal lovers alike will love the ability to not only identify the types of fauna seen, but also track the location of where the species was found and organise the photos in interactive lists and albums for future reference. It also provides links to quickly access more information.

Scoutoo SmartEye also helps identify works of art, including paintings and sculptures, as well as different types of vehicles, iconic landmark buildings and cities.

You can also share your findings with friends and family through email or the social media sharing tools in the app. Why not make it a contest with family and friends?

Scoutoo SmartEye works with photos taken on your smart phone, with images already in your photo gallery, or downloaded directly from the internet to the app.

Another great feature is the ability to hear the pronunciation of your findings in different languages. This translation tool is especially useful when traveling overseas.

Scoutoo SmartEye is designed for:

  • Individuals – art lovers, bird watchers, travellers and the curious-at-heart will appreciate the functionality of this AI-enabled app.
  • Tour guides – educate your guests when giving a tour on city streets or the path less travelled.
  • Teachers and parents – make learning fun and interactive with this easy to use app, with special features including translations and links to further information.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Scoutoo SmartEye by taking a photo with your phone camera, selecting a photo from your gallery, or by downloading one from the internet. The app allows you to crop the image to analyse to help you hone in on the object you are trying to identify. The Content List panel provides an easy to use and compelling graphical user interface to rapidly retrieve the content you saved. By tapping on the Details button, you can review further information about your content, such as their names, location on a map, and hear the pronunciation in five languages. You can use the Album List panel to organise your content in different albums. Then, you can share your findings with your mates!

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