Scoutoo TWL World Time Assistant Terms

Welcome to the TWL World Time Assistant’s Terms and Conditions Agreement and Data Privacy Policy Statement

Prior using the TWL World Time Assistant by, read the following Terms and Conditions Agreement and Data Privacy Policy Statement entirely.

This is an Agreement between you, the “User,” therefore the person who intends to use the Virtual Assistant, also simply known as the “Assistant,” “Bot” or “Agent”, the “Product,” and Assistant’s “Product Owner,” TECHWEAVERLABS.COM, the legal entity that provides assets in order for the assistant software to operate.

Terms of Use
The user is invited to enjoy using the agent as long as he/she will not use it to harm, by any means, yourself, others or damage others’ goods. The product owner declines any responsibility or liability caused by the use of the product.
The product owner reserves all rights to indefinitely deny access to the product if expressly requested by one of its service providers, police enforcement or any equivalent local/international government bodies.
The user understands and agrees that he/she cannot sell the information provided by the product and create any derivative work/s from the product.
The user must remember that using the agent grants him/her solely the rights to use it for fun or business.

Product Ownership
The use of the assistant grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the product only. The ownership of the assistant belong exclusively to TECHWEAVERLABS.COM™ and its proprietors. TECHWEAVERLABS.COM’s names and logos are registered trademarks, and the assistant software has been patented.

Data Privacy
The product owner does not retain, archive or provide to third-party, any of the user’s geo-location, device’s or personal data.

Feedback and Communication
Questions and feedback about the agent can be provided at the following email address:

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